Custom Server Builds:

This includes getting information from you including main tasks and use of the computer as well as budget constraints. We will build the perfect computer for what you need. This way, you are not forced to pay for something you may not need or want, when buying from larger retailers. Through experience, this usually saves 30-50% on the cost of the computer compared to large retailers. The parts used usually have manufacture warranties of 3 years or more. Customer support however is limited. That is part of the cost savings you are benefiting from. If you do ever have a problem with the server in the first 3 years, we can usually fix it for a minimal cost and you still save money.

      On-site install: $35.00 (optional) This includes setting the computer up in it's physical location, and getting it powered up, and showing you the main specs of the machine.

      Build/Assembly cost: $175.00 labor. We will custom assemble a list of components and send you a free quote for the parts price. Average costs are around $600-$900 depending on your needs. After you approve of the components, and specifications, you can place the order for the parts. When they arrive, we'll assemble all the components, and test everything before the server is delivered to you. Because of the increased complexity of servers, this task is more expensive than our Desktop assembly charge.